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The world changes, software changes and end users change. Where previously business software was used primarily in the office, today it supports our work everywhere. The installer on the road and account manager at an appointment want to be able to access their business applications anytime, anywhere. Mobile Apps will always help your organization work more efficiently, whether as a complement to a web application or stand-alone app.

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Whatever the challenges, whatever the technologies required, our professionals are happy to spar with you about the possibilities of mobile apps.

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Complementary to a website or stand-alone

Because we all want to be able to work (together) anywhere and anytime, and often need access to company data and software to do so, we also develop mobile applications. This is quite different from the mobile apps we are all too familiar with, especially as consumers. In many cases such an application is an addition to an existing (core) application that you normally access from your laptop (so via Windows or macOS and not via Android, iOS or PWA).

Hybrid platforms

In addition, there are numerous possibilities for stand-alone applications that do not require that connection. Mobile applications have their own development techniques and programming languages. PTS has opted for hybrid platforms such as Ionic and Flutter. This allows us to simultaneously build both the Android and iOS and PWA app in one operation. This not only saves us money and time, but also allows us to continue developing more easily.

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