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When you and I think of Boels Rental, we think of rental machines, tools and event equipment. Looking at the impressive figures of the rental company, we are certainly not the only ones. After a recent, large acquisition, the revenue counter will soon reach no less than one billion euros. In any case, the Limburg family business manages to double its turnover every five years and that is a very exceptional achievement. Due to the strong growth, however, the shoe began to pinch on the IT side.

Reiant Mulder has been COO at Boels Rental since October 1, 2018. Reiant is responsible for the commercial and operational leadership of all operational Business Units. The responsibility for IT processes comes on top of that. With 4,000 employees in thirteen countries, that is a huge job. “Until recently, we did all service desk activities in-house. At a certain point, that was really no longer manageable,” Reiant explains. “There was hardly any time to document processes, for example. Of course, we want to focus as much as possible on the business itself. In order to optimize and improve Boels Rental’s IT processes, outsourcing the service desk, 1st and 2nd line, in combination with workplace management was unavoidable. But only to a professional party that is flexible and comes up with solutions quickly.”

“Despite the existing cooperation, we still went through a regular RFP and RFI process. There Provide came out on top again.”


Boels had a strong preference for a partner that is not as big as the big boys, is closer to home, works fast and flexible and preferably already knows Boels. Provide fit exactly into that picture. Reiant: “In addition to a dozen of our own service desk employees, we already hired a number of consultants from Provide. Despite the existing cooperation, we still went through a regular RFP and RFI process. Provide came out on top again. During the transition, in which not only the Providers but also some of our own people made the switch, Provide has taken many IT worries off our hands. I never had the feeling of losing the overview. During the transition, they continuously gave us insight into the course and state of affairs. They documented everything very accurately and recorded all the important issues.”

Less worry, more focus

“We know that we outsourced the IT department in an unstructured way. At the same time, we ask for flexibility and we get it. The cooperation is pleasant and familiar. I think we accomplish this well together. Boels also wanted a smooth transition and that too has been achieved. The various branches nationally and internationally noticed little or nothing of the switch to an external IT service during three months. The big advantage is that from now on our own IT department can start focusing on further optimization, innovations and new applications. That gives us a lot of peace of mind, all the more so because the basic services will continue to be provided in an orderly and documented manner. We continue to grow in number of employees and business. With Provide’s help, we can further facilitate Boels’ existing growth.”

Grand and compelling

Reiant is impressed with the collaboration with Provide. “I have run IT outsourcing projects at large, publicly traded organizations. These were heavy, grand, compelling and fraught with hassle. At Boels, however, you see that a family business with good entrepreneurship, in collaboration with a professional and local party like Provide, can do the same job, in a very pragmatic and smart way that also went smoothly. That’s wonderful.”

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