IT partner of business service providers

Whether it is an accounting firm, a temporary employment agency or an advertising agency, they almost all face the same challenges when it comes to digitalization. To begin with, customers and other parties are making increasingly higher demands in terms of speed and convenience, without this being at the expense of quality. On top of these push factors, as a business service provider you also feel the need to distinguish yourself from your competition. And to do it even better. And all that with limited resources and insufficient knowledge of all kinds of new (cloud) technologies.

Fewer costs and more room for innovation
Actually, you have only one option, namely to outsource all or part of your IT environment to specialists. The big advantage is that your own IT department will have more room for innovation and other strategic matters. And the costs of management, in particular, will be significantly reduced. Naturally, you only want to outsource your IT environment to a party that has already proven itself. A party with both broad and deep knowledge of existing and new technology, but also with sufficient size in view of continuity. Provide is such a party.

Are you ready to lead the way?

Entrepreneurs want to be busy with their business, IT should be supportive. Provide takes your IT worries off your hands, so you can focus on the core activities.


Together with Provide, you will be much better able to identify opportunities that arise in a timely manner and respond to them appropriately. As cloud specialists from the very beginning, Provide’s experts know exactly what the market has to offer and what suits your organization best. Because new tools and functionalities become available daily in the field of cloud computing, a flexible and scalable infrastructure is an absolute must. After all, many of these new functionalities – including AI, IoT and Blockchain technology – need to be able to be smoothly integrated into your current IT environment in the near future.


No more expensive licenses
In addition to reduced overhead costs through outsourcing, there are many other cost advantages to be gained precisely by the smart use of digitization. Think, for example, of portals in which customers and other contacts can arrange many things themselves. Or smart building systems for the real estate sector. Many savings can also be realized with standard cloud solutions such as SaaS software. You no longer pay for expensive licenses, but only for actual use.


As a business service provider, you can turn to Provide for the following solutions:

Digital workplaces

Modern, digital or virtual workplace. Whatever you call it, at Provide you get everything you want and nothing you don’t. Work (together) wherever and whenever your employees want, regardless of which device and always with their familiar personal settings. And all that without worrying about the management of all Microsoft 365 applications and hardware, and with a level of security in data centers that you as an IT manager could never achieve. Investments in expensive, high-end desktops or laptops are therefore a thing of the past. It is also very easy to add or remove employees.

Cloud Services

Our cloud services cover the provision and management of both infrastructure and applications. The latter includes, in addition to MS 365, links to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, and external SaaS products. Even virtual workstations are among the possibilities. If you use a private cloud, the hardware, infrastructure and applications are used exclusively for and by your organization.

A hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud services. The largest part of your organization runs on the private cloud. When (temporarily) more capacity is needed, you can switch to the public cloud of another service provider. If you want to combine the best technologies of two or more cloud services, you can also opt for a multi-cloud solution.

Comprehensive security services

The combination of rapid technological developments, hybrid networks and infrastructures and more working from home on multiple devices is making the security of IT environments increasingly complex. With Provide’s comprehensive security services, you are relieved of this worry at a stroke, including threats such as ransomware and data leaks. This ranges from network security and MultiFactorAuthentication (MFA) to email and endpoint security.


In addition to moving standard applications and ERP systems to the cloud and implementing SaaS applications such as MS 365, we also migrate custom applications for clients. A cloud migration is an excellent time to modernize existing custom applications. We use roughly four strategies: Rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting and rebuilding. Provide has its own team of driven software developers who are only too happy to work with your software.


The labor market in the Netherlands is very tight, especially for IT personnel. The chance is high that your organization has great difficulty attracting suitable candidates. Then it is good to know that Provide also seconds IT staff. In addition, we have dedicated nearshore software development teams at our disposal, varying from a few to dozens of software specialists. Nearshoring offers you the opportunity to scale up with the right IT professionals without the risks of offshoring. Together with our clients, we build permanent, distinctive teams that strengthen and expand existing teams.

Service desk

To further relieve your own IT staff, Provide also provides experienced and highly accessible first-, second- and third-line support staff. Your own IT department can focus on innovation and other strategic issues with peace of mind. The only thing you never give up is control.