IT partner for the public sector

Everyone understands that with modern ICT technology wonderful things are also possible in government. For I&A/ICT managers and automation departments, however, this means a challenge, because which technology do you choose? And how are you going to manage and secure it all in terms of knowledge and with scarce IT staff? The sky-high expectations from citizens and entrepreneurs do not make it any easier. As consumers, they are used to all kinds of fast apps and services that are also available 24/7 on multiple devices. With the extensive expertise and comprehensive services of Provide, you are fortunately not alone as a local government.

Are you ready to lead the way?

As (semi) government you want to keep the focus on your core activities, IT should be supportive. Provide takes your IT worries off your hands, so you can keep focus.


(Further) digitization and innovation is needed to take services to citizens and entrepreneurs to the next level. For example, in the form of the Common Ground and Smart Society initiatives. In Smart City, local governments together with knowledge institutions, businesses and residents deploy data-driven solutions to improve the quality of life, quality and competitiveness of their organization. Concrete examples already exist in the form of smart traffic lights, waste containers and lampposts.


From management to governance organization

Common Ground was created primarily to prevent existing (back office/legacy) systems from becoming bogged down by the step-by-step development of a new, future-proof municipal ICT infrastructure. As a result of the scarcity of well-trained IT personnel and insufficient knowledge of new technologies, many I&A/ICT departments are barely able to do this. And this while Common Ground in particular can deliver many efficiency improvements, both now and in the future. This can be solved by outsourcing many operational tasks to a party such as Provide and to make the transition as ICT/I&A department from management to control organization.

Outsource and still retain control

Outsourcing many management tasks – including monitoring, workplace security and third-line support – logically gives your IT or I&A department a lot of extra ‘air’. They can confidently focus more on innovation and other strategic issues such as Common Ground and Smart Society. As a result, local governments are increasingly becoming governance organizations that steer suppliers by output and become a connecting link between the demand for ICT services and the supply.

Of course, this requires complete trust. We therefore no longer operate as a supplier, but as a full-fledged IT partner of our customers and as an extension of your own IT department. We don’t even shy away from responsibility for your entire IT environment. In fact, we already do that for dozens of organizations, including municipalities.

Digital workplaces and cloud services

In view of flexibility (both in time- and place-independent work and in terms of integration of future technologies) and standardization of software, some form of cloud working is actually a prerequisite. Our cloud services relate to the provision and management of both the infrastructure/hardware and applications/software and complete digital workstations ‘as a service’. The latter includes, in addition to MS 365, links to Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, and external SaaS products. Even virtual workplaces are among the possibilities. Our experienced support team is well acquainted with the public sector and is always available as a helpline.

Comprehensive security services

The combination of rapid technological developments, hybrid infrastructures and more working from home on multiple devices makes securing IT environments increasingly complex. With Provide’s comprehensive security services, you will be rid of this worry in one fell swoop, including threats such as ransomware and data leaks. This ranges from network security and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to email and endpoint security.

Service desk

To further relieve your own IT staff, Provide also provides experienced and highly accessible first-, second- and third-line support staff. Your own IT department can focus on innovation and other strategic issues with peace of mind. The only thing you never give up is control.

Management & Support

To further relieve your own IT staff, Provide also provides experienced and highly accessible first-, second- and third-line support staff. Your own IT department can focus on innovation and other strategic issues with peace of mind. The only thing you never give up is control.

The municipality of the future

By taking on the complex and time-consuming management tasks of your municipality, your I&A/ICT department is freed up for matters such as innovation, strategy and achieving change goals. With decades of experience in the public sector and both broad and specialist knowledge of modern ICT technologies, Provide is the ideal strategic ICT partner for the public sector. All the more so because, as a medium-sized ICT and software supplier, we can guarantee continuity while being compact enough for the proverbial short lines of communication. Our specialists translate all your functional needs, requirements and wishes into a flexible and future-proof IT environment.

Integration of AI and nudging

This also means that we automatically include the guidelines from, among others, the VNG, connection to the GGI network and GT contracts. In addition, together with your municipality we will closely follow the developments in the field of Common Ground and Smart Society in order to translate them, where possible and necessary, into concrete solutions. The same applies to relevant applications with regard to, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘nudging’. Nudging is an emerging influencing technique and is already being used in the areas of the environment, traffic and parking behavior. In both developments, the ethical aspects must also be given sufficient attention.

Finally, we see a role for a modern ICT partner as a strategic chain partner towards stakeholders of your municipality on the one hand and market parties such as knowledge institutions on the other.