Efficient and secure collaboration with Provide 365

Digital cooperation is becoming increasingly important for organizations to function as efficiently as possible. The increasing threat of cybercrime means that every organization must take a critical look at various points. For example, the storage of data, handling personal data and preventive protection from external threats are high on the agenda. In addition, a custom-designed workplace contributes to the happiness of your employees.

Setting up and managing the digital workplace can be complex. For example, digital security, ISO certifications and laws and regulations must be taken into account. Does your organization need a professionally set up and managed digital workplace? As a leading Microsoft Tier I Gold partner, Provide provides ranging from dozens to thousands of digital workstations for Enterprise and SME organizations. Our Digital Workplace & Hybrid Work specialists are happy to help you put together and implement a customized approach.

Does your organization need an up-to-date and secure digital workplace?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Provide’s digital workplace? Together with one of our Microsoft consultants, we will bring the needs of your organization into focus.

We improve efficiency and security

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What is Provide 365?

A migration to Microsoft 365, including implementation and management, is time consuming and requires the necessary expertise. Performing this work in-house is often not worthwhile because there are plenty of opportunities to outsource this work to specialists for a limited fixed amount per month.

With Microsoft 365, employees not only always have the latest version of Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Teams, but also e-mail and an online calendar. At the same time, they can continue to use their other business applications.

Secure online (collaborative) working

Thanks to best-of-breed workplace protection against malware and suspicious attachments and links, online collaboration is completely safe. The number of workstations needed does not matter at Provide, we provide Provide 365 to Enterprise and SME organizations of widely varying sizes.

All digital workplaces are always equipped with the latest updates, technologies and tools. For the actual and full use of all applications by your employees (user adoption), you can count on the assistance of our professionals.


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BOAL ensures continuity by outsourcing its IT

Opt for digital control

We deliver and manage digital workstations that create new opportunities for your organization.

Unlimited flexibility

The flexibility of Provide 365 actually knows no bounds. In addition to the freedom of work for users, scaling up and down is also a piece of cake. Both in terms of servers and applications and licenses. This is especially useful when your organization is growing rapidly or otherwise has many staff changes, and if there is a lot of project-based work.

Virtual desktop

Has an employee’s laptop been repaired, lost or simply forgotten? Do you regularly need temporary workstations, for example for new colleagues or projects? Does an employee have a different, or even no, operating system on his or her device? Or is a device too slow for the latest Windows version?

In all these cases we provide a virtual desktop. This gives the user, on his own or a borrowed device, access to a complete virtualized work environment, including operating system. Because multiple users can have access to this virtual desktop, it also saves money.

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