IT partner for the Smart Industry

If there is one sector where digitization and ICT technologies can be applied in full breadth and depth, it is in the manufacturing and process industry. After all, terms like Industry 4.0, Smart Industry and Industrial Internet do not exist for nothing. In these sectors, everything revolves around efficiency and data, which serve as input for further optimization and innovation. Developments such as IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality contribute fully to this. These applications also make manufacturing companies agile, allowing them to respond more quickly to demand and other market changes.

In the middle of the developments
But how do you know which technologies will help your production company move forward the fastest? And how will that be in a few years’ time? After all, developments are certainly not standing still. And is your IT infrastructure at all suitable for implementing these technologies? Apart from the fact that you probably have insufficient knowledge of Smart Industry, you don’t want to let your already high IT management costs increase even further. By outsourcing all or part of your IT environment to specialists, you get rid of both problems and kill two birds with one stone. Of course, you only want to outsource your IT environment to a party that is in the middle of developments and for whom cloud and internet have no secrets. A party that also has sufficient size with a view to continuity. Provide is such a party.

Are you ready to lead the way?

As an industrial organization you want to keep the focus on your production processes, IT must be supportive. Provide takes your IT worries off your hands, so you can focus on the core activities.


As cloud specialists from the very beginning, Provide experts know exactly what is available in the market, and what suits your organization best. Because new tools and functionalities become available daily in the field of cloud computing, a flexible and scalable infrastructure is an absolute must. After all, many of these new functionalities – including AI, IoT and Blockchain technology – should be able to be smoothly integrated into your current IT environment in the near future. In the manufacturing industry, however, there is still the necessary reluctance when it comes to migrating to the cloud.

Hybrid cloud solutions

This reluctance is mainly due to the relatively heavy applications and the need to be on the air 24/7. Although uptime and resources, including physical and data security, are generally better in data centers than can be realized on-premises, we understand that hesitation very well. More and more production companies are therefore making use of the cloud by means of a hybrid (cloud) infrastructure. Basic applications run on location and are temporarily moved to the cloud for more computing power and/or data storage. Provide can provide the links in this construction by means of APIs and security components such as encryption and access control (Identity & Access Management) using, for example, ‘agents’.


As an industrial service provider, you can turn to Provide for the following solutions:

Digital workplaces

Modern, digital or virtual workplace. Whatever you call it, at Provide you get everything you want and nothing you don’t. Work (together) wherever and whenever your employees want, regardless of which device and always with their familiar personal settings. And all that without worrying about the management of all Microsoft 365 applications and hardware, and with a level of security in data centers that you as an IT manager could never achieve. Investments in expensive, high-end desktops or laptops are therefore a thing of the past. It is also very easy to add or remove employees.

Cloud Services

Our cloud services cover the provision and management of both infrastructure/hardware and applications/software. The latter includes, in addition to MS 365, also links to the cloud platform of Microsoft Azure, and any SaaS solutions. If you use a private cloud, the hardware, infrastructure and applications are used exclusively for and by your organization.

A hybrid cloud is a combination of private and public cloud services. The largest part of your organization runs on the private cloud. When (temporarily) more capacity is needed, you can switch to the public cloud of another service provider. If you want to combine the best technologies of more than two cloud services, you can also opt for a multi-cloud solution.

Comprehensive security services

The combination of rapid technological developments, hybrid infrastructures and more working from home on multiple devices makes securing IT environments increasingly complex. With Provide’s comprehensive security services, you will be rid of this worry in one fell swoop, including threats such as ransomware and data leaks. This ranges from network security and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to email and endpoint security.


In addition to moving standard applications and ERP systems to the cloud and implementing SaaS applications such as MS 365, we also migrate custom applications for clients. A cloud migration is an excellent time to modernize existing custom applications. We use roughly four strategies: Rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting and rebuilding. Provide has its own team of driven software developers who are only too happy to work with your software.

Service desk

To further relieve your own IT staff, Provide also provides experienced and highly accessible first-, second- and third-line support staff. Your own IT department can focus on innovation and other strategic issues with peace of mind. The only thing you never give up is control.